Connecting people with brands
With its easy integration with social media channels by using our AI-Powered conversational platform, Kait can take your business to the next level of customer service, marketing & sales.
AI-Powered Business Chat
With our AI-Powered chatbots, you can simply have your own virtual call center agents, along with the benefits of reducing costs & human errors, handling a larger number of chats and analyzing your own data.
Imagine the number of users you are engaging with DIRECTLY in a daily basis through different messaging channels and still you are sending them to a third party Apps rather than hosting them!
Boost your campaigns
Boost your marketing campaigns in different and multiple social media channels at the same time and Kait will take care of your customers by answering their questions, placing orders, and booking appointments no matter how many queries you will get, Kait will handle it!
Intelligent Dashboard
Receive orders from social media channels & messaging apps and manage your orders in one place! By using Kait dashboard you will be able to give the proper role for your staff, monitor them and setup your own KPIs.
Reach clients across multiple platforms
We simply connect Businesses to their Clients through their favorite communication channels, whether it's a social media platform, messaging apps or your Website.
Amount of people in Kuwait using social media platforms supported by Kait:
Customer service made fast and easy

AI makes the difference!
The advantage of using AI gives you the ability to text using your preferred language in a dynamic process.

Kait business chat wasn’t built only to handle a greater volume of calls in the same time, it can understand and handle a multiple orders per sentence in an organized and intelligent way!

Service packages
5000 Chatbot answers
45 KDper month
10,000 Chatbot answers
76 KDper month
20,000 Chatbot answers
136 KDper month

Need AI support with your customer service? We offer custom services to many different industries.
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